Marvel Select - Brown Costume Wolverine
Marvel Select - Avengers Movie - Chitauri Footsoldier
Marvel Select - Avengers Movie - Iron Man Mark VI
Takara AM-18 Airachnid & Takara AM-16 Vehicon Jet
Takara AMW-04 Arms Micron Shell 2
Light-Up Energon Cubes Pack Of 6

 Mezco Frankenstein 9" Action Figure
Hot Toy - Movie Masterpiece Red Skull
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Figure Series 01 - #1 Cloud (FFVII)
Nendoroid No.058 Kaito (Re-Issue) & Nendoroid No.040 Len Kagamine (Re-Issue)
Alice: Madness Returns 7" Figure
MOTU Classics Eternian Palace Guards Figure Two-Pack
Tokyo Toy Show 2012 Exclusive Terrorcon Bumblebee
Robots In Disguise Voyager Series 03 - Dreadwing

Nendoroid No.039 Rin Kagamine (Re-Issue)
Hasbro RID Deluxe Series 04 - Dead End
Takara AM-13 Decepticon Knockout
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Figure Series 01 - #2 Squall (FFVIII)
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Figure Series 01 - #3 Yuna (FFX/FFX-2)
Cobraicon T-Shirt - Medium
(From BBTS)


Generations Asia Exclusive - Springer
Generations Asia Exclusive - Wheelie
TFC Rage Of Hercules Set
KO TFCC Exclusive Punch / Counterpunch
World's Smallest Transformers WST - Sixshot
World's Smallest Transformers WST - Shockwave
X-Transbot Survivalist - Wheelie
(From Hong Kong)

Nendoroid No.235 Shinguji Sakura & Koubu Set
Nendoroid No.246 Black Rock Shooter
Nendoroid No.242 Shinonome Nano
(From Japan)


Japanese G1 Reissue - Powermaster Optimus Prime (God Ginrai) C-310
Botcon 2011 Transformers Animated - Toxitron
(From The States)

12-09-01 STGCC 2012

Went to this year's Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC).
Awesome Exclusive Toys, Games Competition & Comics Galore
Cosplay Aplenty And Surprises Everywhere

Was There at 10.00 AM                                                   Ticketing Counter
Featured Guests                                      STGCC Exclusive Bag

STGCC Floor Layout (Taken from Toysrevil.blogspot.com)

Hot Toys Booth                                                                    Hot Toys Cashier

  Hot Toys Display                                       Preorders Available Now
                                                                  By Action City

      To Be Released Soon                        MMS - 185 Iron Man Mark VII

MMS - ??? - Charles Xavier                     MMS - 187  - Wolverine

Exclusive - Capt America - Rescue Ver.         Exclusive - TDKR - Jim Gordon

Exclusive - POTC - Angelica                        1/4 Scale TDKR - Batman

Upcoming MMS Figures - Chitauri Soldier & Classic Captain America

Hot Toys - Avengers Diorama & MMS - 186 Hulk

         MMS DX- 11 - Joker 2.0                                MMS - 188 Selina Kyle (Catwoman)

The 1/6 Scale "The Bat"

          MMS - 170 Batman '89                                     MMS - 161 Suit Up Gantry & Mark IV

Sideshow Statues

      1/6 Scale Street Fighters                                      Kid's Logic Egg Attack Ironman Series

Kid's Logic Evergreen Saint Seiya Series

Play Imaginative's 1/6 Scale Batman By Jim Lee
(Left) Matte (Regular) Version
(Right) Special Exclusive Only At STGCC

Unpainted Sample to gauge the weight
This Thing is Heavy !!!

Lego Dioramas (with Hidden Guests)

(Left) Takara Metallic Six Shot

(Right) TFC Photron

Toki Doki Booth                                                       Crowd Shot

Spy Vs Spy                                    Justice League Poster

Wooden Swords (Cosplays)                 STGCC Exclusive Red Lion-O

Deadpool                                             Umbrella Soldier

Halo Soldiers                                       Power Rangers

Gundam Unicorn                                     Polar Bear Dude???

      Loki & Thor                                        Dragon Nest Character

The Empire is Strong In Singapore

Play Imaginative's Special Edition - Batman By Jim Lee
All 5 Premium Batman By Jim Lee Lucky Draw Prizes
2012 Exclusive Hot Toys - Angelica
Robots In Disguise - Airachnid
Robots In Disguise - Shadow Strike Bumblebee
Toki Doki's Cactus Friends - Truffle, Bastardino & Polpettina
Klovn Artbook By Caravan Studios